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Stained Concrete


A stained concrete floors add more than color to a home. It infuses the concrete floors, walls, and counter tops with rich, deep, and translucent tones adding a welcoming feeling to a home.

Staining concrete surfaces range from $2 to $4 per square foot. However, stained concrete cost usually vary depending on the type of staining project that the customer has requested. Elaborate projects involving special designs with multiple stained concrete color effects can shoot over $15 per square foot.

In addition, you are allowed to give us extra stained concrete ideas and talk with our specialists about the type of staining that will help you achieving  the desirable results.

Apart from the staining concrete floors & countertops, staining can also be done on patios.  Stained concrete floors patio bring a warm feeling to visitors making them feel at home.

Stamped Concrete Patterns


Stamped concrete is a beautiful addition to every home. The embellishment adds a rustic yet modern feeling to your outdoor space in a way that is both pleasing to the eye and affordable.

Concrete stamps patterns are available in an array of styles that make your outdoor concrete beautiful. By using stains and pigments we can make stamped concrete look identical to actual stone.
The wonderful thing about concrete stamps is that they are both more affordable and more versatile than using stone.

With concrete you can actually handpick your designs and colors so that you get the design that you’ve always wanted.

Concrete Paint


Concrete paint is one of the best forms of coats that promote the aesthetic value.

In essence, concrete paints are dynamic and can be used in multiples of locations. What is necessary is knowing what you need.

As a contractor, we pride ourselves with some of the best services when it comes to applying concrete paint and providing services in line with concrete paint. Our company focuses on the client’s needs. In this case, we give the client first priority when it comes to deciding on the type of concrete paint that one wishes to have.

We have a team of experts who will offer you advice regarding the nature of services you would  like to have. Our consistent pursuit of quality makes our services to stand out in a market that is awash with companies that are offering concrete painting services.

Ready Mix Concrete


Ready mix concrete is a precise mixture that is manufactured in a factory instead of being mixed on the work site. However, this kind of mixture is particularly advantageous when there is requirement of small quantities of concrete. In addition, ready mix concrete is ideal for large jobs where there is limited space and no enough room for a mixing plant and aggregate stockpiles. Another advantage of using ready mix concrete is that it significantly reduces the cost in construction by:

Lowering labor costs.

The number of laborers required is very small as compared with the production of concrete on the work site.

Reducing wastage of materials.

The ratio of all the ingredients required in production of concrete is accurately maintained hence reducing the wastage.

Reducing the cost of storage.

Storage of raw materials is cumbersome and expensive. However, using a ready mix concrete reduces hassle and cost by eliminating the need for on site storage.

Notably, ready mix concrete is often remixed the moment it arrives at the work site in order to ensure a proper slump is obtained. A remixed concrete tends to set more rapidly than the one that has been mixed only once.

Concrete Driveway


If you need to have your driveway resurface, the process does take quite a bit of effort, but it is fairly straightforward.

A concrete driveway is a very important part of a home or property, and it is important that it be kept in good shape. We can replace your driveway so you don`t waste money on a DIY project.

You should keep in mind that a great deal of sealing and resurfacing will need to be done in order to protect the concrete from damages that can be done through regular wear and tear, as well as weather over time.

Applying the sealer (similar to applying paint) will increase the concrete driveway cost but it will prevent the need for repair down the line.

Patio Concrete


Your home outdoor design is very vital since it is a reflection of you. Having a well paved parking lot or a walkway makes your exterior home look elegant and stunning. Giving your outdoor area an ideal facelift requires paving materials like the patio concrete slabs.

These patio concrete pavers should then be arranged in a given pattern that is eye catching. Pavers normally develop patio concrete stain due to weather factors and therefore you ought to apply patio concrete paint to restore the pavers’ initial attractive look.

In order to give your aisle or walkway slabs a long life, ensure that the patio concrete thicknesses of the pavers’ slabs are ideal. Thus give your outdoor home surroundings a new face with these patio concrete slabs from our company that comes in all shapes and dimensions. These paving materials are efficient, durable and long lasting. Improve your home now with patio concrete today at a pocket friendly cost.